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CAOS Focado Experience


A professional residency program connected to the CAOS Focado startup ecosystem. It is aimed at students and recent graduates and has two stages of evolution so that professionals have an accelerated learning process and can seek opportunities inside and outside our ecosystem.

We are restless.
We are bold.
We are a network of entrepreneurial and innovative people who impact Brazil and the world through technology.

The Experience is an opportunity that CAOS Focado offers to young people who are looking to gain experience with a broad journey in different business models in an environment that promotes autonomy and growth.


We are a machine for creating technology-based companies from zero to maturity, made by those who believe in innovation as an economic and social engine and our mission is to enable frontier technologies, capital and talent to reach their maximum potential by solving relevant problems of humanity.

Our business model allows residents to experience the multiple companies in our portfolio, promoting exponential development in different branches of business: from agriculture to physiotherapy. Meet the companies that are part of the ecosystem:

→ Nano.inn: nanotechnology startup that produces natural and atoxic protection for fruits, greens and vegetables

→ Quantis: biotechnology startup that produces high-performance inputs using biofabrication.

→ Cromai: artificial intelligence startup that offers diagnostics for agriculture based on image analysis

→ E-lastic: internet of things startup that uses an integrated solution to assess muscle strength and create accurate reports and reports for physical therapy

→ Onyma: SaaS startup for Corporate Health data management

What the Experience offers

In addition to a scholarship, certificate and the possibility of being remote, we offer:


Much more than an internship, a real experience in innovation

Learn the CF methodology for building disruptive startups from scratch applied to your area

Possibility of renovating the residence for new challenges

Performance in relevant projects with autonomy and leadership

Help create projects and even entire areas within our ventures

Moments of closing the cycle and learning with CF leaders

Access to professional opportunities in CF ventures

Have the possibility of professional referral to our ventures

Unrestricted access to more than 150 professionals and specialists in our Ecosystem, with areas from design and software to 3D bioprinting of human tissues!

Real growth with mentorships and development plans

Weekly individual meeting for feedback, mentoring and taking care of your professional development with a leader in your area

Access to the results of your performance evaluation cycle and individual development plan

CAOS Focado's Areas

These are the areas of CAOS Focado that receive CF Experience residents. Check your area of interest and its scope.

Sign up via the link below.


Design, Product & Tech

  • Support in the design of processes, services and products

  • Support in Design, Engineering and Development processes

  • Research and Development

  • Modeling of technological requirements

  • Process architecture and modeling

  • UX and UI and visual prototypes

  • Communication support for CAOS Focado or the ventures

  • Presentations and other types of storytelling


Finance & Governance

  • Shopping

  • Legal

  • Financial/administrative

  • Bill payment

  • cashier report

  • monthly flow

  • Financial & Governance Support

  • personal department


  1. Analysis of applications and resumes

  2. Case making workshop for those selected in step 1

  3. Interview with area leaders for those selected in step 2

People & Management


  • Execution of recruitment and selection

  • Facilitation of OKR processes

  • Facilitation of integration meetings (HH, general meetings)

  • Facilitation of building organizational design and other processes involving organizational culture

  • 1:1 facilitation and leadership development trainings


Commercial, Customer Service & Marketing

  • Elaborate and plan the commercial and marketing area CAOS Focused

  • Commercial performance in the ventures of the Focused CAOS ecosystem

  • Support the Focused CAOS Marketing strategy

  • Support in the creation of pieces, presentations and other types of storytelling

  • Develop and support the management of prospecting funnels

  • Develop initial market intelligence strategies and quantitative and qualitative market research

  • How is the journey? What happens in the program?
    It is much more than an internship or scholarship. We want a fast and impactful work and learning experience. Residents work side by side with CAOS Focado leaders building startups and carrying out projects in these ventures. The journey is divided into 2 phases with some agreements already established: 1st phase (6 months to 1 year): Initial adaptation phase in which residents get to know the CF, its methods and its culture, quickly immersing themselves in support activities in each of the ventures in which our team is. At this stage, it is possible that career opportunities will appear in the ventures of our ecosystem. Together, we will be keeping an eye on these opportunities! Phase 2 (6 months - 1 year): Secondary phase focused on the resident's role in acting autonomously with venture leaders and teams. At this stage, we will also be attentive to opportunities for professional referral.
  • What is CAOS Focado looking for in me?
    Courage. Speed. Proposition. Experimentation. Someone who enjoys professional challenges and has a passion for learning fast. We work with advanced technologies and entrepreneurship, two very challenging areas. To know specifically about the contour of each area, please consult the section of the areas that participate in the residence.
  • What areas can I fit in?
    Areas of CAOS Focado that currently participate in the residency: DPT (Design, Product & Technology): team that works with the technical area of the ventures CAM (Commercial, Customer Service & Marketing): sales and customer contact area People & Management: team responsible for taking care of people and their performance Finance & Governance: team that works in the administrative, financial and legal areas of startups
  • Do residents get compensation?
    Yes. We offer market-compatible compensation at the internship level. Specific information will be provided to applicants in the selection process.
  • When does it happen?
    The candidate evaluation cycle opens in October of each year. There may be opportunities at other times of the year.
  • How is the employment contract?
    We are looking for undergraduates or recent graduates for an internship, with a load of 30 hours per week. For graduates, just sign up. Did you just graduate? Be sure to subscribe too!
  • What are the CAOS Focado ecosystem opportunities?
    CF is a group of technology startups. As companies grow, professional opportunities open up. Of course, we would love it if someone from CAOS Focado had a great opportunity in a vacancy opened by our ventures! It is important to say that we cannot guarantee with certainty that there will be a perfect opportunity or vacancy in our ecosystem. On the other hand, it is a very favorable scenario for this to happen. If referral is not possible – or if the resident does not choose to follow – we are sure that the experience of development and learning will be invaluable in the future professional search. We also provide assistance for the next steps for those who will thrive on the open sea :)
  • How long does the CF Experience last?
    The CF residency can last for a total of 2 years and has two phases: The 1st phase lasts 1 year and the 2nd phase lasts 6 months, renewable for another 6 months. This is CAOS Focado's commitment to residents. After the period, the contract ends so that new residents can be selected.
  • What happens at the end of each cycle?
    At the end of the cycles, every 6 months, residents reflect on their learning and present their results, creations and achievements to the senior CAOS Focado team. At this closure, we and the resident decide together whether to renew the cycle or terminate. A certificate can be issued if the resident requests it.
  • What are the stages of the selection process?
    1. CV analysis At this stage, the candidate must fill in the form on this page 2. individual or Group case evaluation The group case will be related to the area that the candidate wants to be part of. During the case, the candidate will also have the opportunity to learn more about CAOS and our business model 3. Individual interview The interview will take place with the area leader and the Head of People and Management at CAOS Focado
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