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We are restless.
We are bold.
We are a network of entrepreneurial and innovative people who impact Brazil and the world through technology.


We are a machine for creating technology-based companies from zero to maturity, made by those who believe in innovation as an economic and social engine and our mission is to enable frontier technologies, capital and talent to reach their maximum potential by solving relevant problems of humanity.

Our business model is called Venture Builder and provides its employees with experiences in the multiple companies in our portfolio, promoting exponential development in different branches of business: from agriculture to physiotherapy. Meet the companies that are part of the ecosystem:

→ Quantis: biotechnology startup that produces high-performance inputs using biofabrication.


→ Cromai: artificial intelligence startup that offers diagnostics for agriculture based on image analysis

→ E-lastic: internet of things startup that uses an integrated solution to assess muscle strength and create accurate reports and reports for physical therapy


→ Onyma: SaaS startup for Corporate Health data management


01 Head of Finance & People

  • Responsible for the G&G (People and Management) and F&G (Financial and Governance) pillars of the Valor Generation Squad of CAOS Focado.

  • Manage two juniors who work operationally in the areas of G&G and F&G orbiting our companies.

  • Strategically support our companies in the creation and development of their G&G and F&G teams.

  • We need an executive who can both allocate, manage and lead parallel projects in each Venture, as well as someone with the strategic capacity to contribute to the evolution of the CF value generation operation model.

Expected skills
  • Autonomy with responsibility;

  • Collaboration and empathy;

  • Boldness and adaptability;

  • Continuous learning.

  • Hybrid

  • Modality: PJ


Have a degree in Business Administration, Engineering, Economics or Psychology.

People & Management

  • R&S Machine | Hunting | Onboarding | DP;

  • Organizational Design (Agile);

  • Management and Development - 1:1s rituals, OKR, PDI and AVD360;

  • Coaching and Leadership Development.​


Finance & Governance

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable;

  • Cash flow and financial reports;

  • Budgeting Processes;

  • Management of administrative and legal suppliers.

We will love it even more if you
  • Experience in consulting;

  • Have undertaken or worked in startups leading one of the backstage functions.

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